Works in Europe

Short list of the projects designed by Günay Erdem Architects for Europe

Design Disciplines: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Structural Design, Mechanical Engineering Design, Electrical Engineering Design

Projects Typologies: Housing (from single family units to district size mass-housing), Offices (from private offices to business centers and headquarters), Culture Centers (Libraries, Convention Centers, Planetariums, Aquariums), Education Facilities (K12 to Universities), Sports Centers (Swimming Pools, Stadiums, Sports Centers), Healthcare (Hospitals, Medical Centers, Clinics), Transportation (Railroad Stations, Subway Stations, Airport Terminals, Bus Terminals, Marinas, Ports), Tourism (Hotels, Holiday Villages), Retail (Malls, Supermarkets, Restaurants), Parks (from large size (central) to neighborhood size), Urban (Waterfronts, Squares, Promenades, Bridges)