Akureyri Waterfront


As a result of the investigations, done in the Akureyri Centrum two problems which can effect the resign aims are found. These are:

- Generally Akureyri has some incomplete sides about gaining the identity of Centrum.

- Akureyri Centrum needs a general renovation with all utilities. There are two problems which cause the situation.

- In Akureyri, near the ocean the shore isn’t used properly and the utilities related with ocean are not developed.

- In the Centrum, a valuable area, taking place of lots of car parks, disables the utilities which can take place in Centrum and causes the areas not to be used.

Akureyri which is one of the biggest cities of Iceland takes its name from the word of “field” which means “Akur in Icelandic”. The main idea of the area; is shaped from the word “Akur” means field and it’s found as culture fields. As known in the fields agricultural crops grow. People working on agriculture give a seed to the soil and they get crops. It means they get the result of their work after a few time and some difficulties. The idea of “culture field” is coming from the same point. With the activities (seeding) done on the town square (culture field), the integration of people, the sharing of them, their culture transfer and the maturation of the culture are the best crops of this field. As a result the seeding utilities give chance the culture to get mature and conscious generations to develop. It’s considered to name these utilities as “culture seed”. These utilities are amphitheatre, telpher which is all around Akureyri, sitting units for chatting, guiding units, billboard for the advertisement, street artists(painting, photographing, hand crafts, etc.), binoculars to view the ocean, sculptures reflecting Akureyri’s history. On the other hand; it’s being though that the culture house, being constructed on the area number 30, will provide big addition to the maturation of the culture.

Starting with these problems; it’s considered to gather car parks and in the area number 4, by paying attention on the vehicle circulation, it’s suggested to construct a car park for 430 cars. And also by thinking the huge number of vehicles, on the area number 2, on the opposite side of the open car park it’s found suitable to build a 5-floor closed car park for 1385 vehicles by using the topography of the area. With the car park arrangements, it will be possible to leave the cars for the people visiting Centrum, to save the Centrum from the density of the vehicle circulation and to invert the area into a place which can be lived in.

It’s considered to protect the vehicle road lying parallel to shore. Through the main vehicle road it’s suggested to expand the city on northwest side. By moving the secondary vehicle road on the area number 29 and 31 which is connected with the main vehicle road back a few meters, it’s considered to getting an open green area which is used by the pedestrians.


In the area number 15, it’s decided to renew and enlarge the present square and it’s tried to shape this square by a concept. Through this concept with the aim of connecting the centrum and the ocean shaping Akureyri, by wishing to show the square like anchor through the ocean, a linear axel is made and on the end of this axel a big source of light is put which can light the shore and the close enviroment. The idea of big source of light is becouse Akureyri’s long nights and it’s thought that this light source is the sun of Akureyri through those long nights. And also it’s found suitable to light the linear axel for the concept.

It’s suggested to open the areas number 15 and 16 for pedesterians completely and the floor pattern this areas it’s considered to be made by the sutures whose differences are pointed like the splits on the ice mass by paying attention on the cold climate of Iceland. So the square which creates a composition is in harmony with the design of the culture house. A teleferic system is thought which can be used all along the city relating with the square. The beggining of the teleferic system is related with the square and easy communication with the square is provided.



The town square considered in the area number 16 is, considered to be connected with the open green area on the area number 29 and 31, their being in harmony with each other, is wanted and they are considered to be bound each other with a pedesterian bridge constructed on the main vehicle road. To prove the connection of the area and to complete the design the seggested pedesterian bridge is very important. And also it’s found suitable to give place utilities(culture seeds) which are consider to be done in the town square area number 29 and 31.


3 numaralı alan, Akureyri kentinde her yaz yapılan festival etkinliklerinde kullanılması amacıyla, açık yeşil alan olarak bırakılmıştır. Alanın kıyıya yakın olması, festival etkinlikleri için uygun büyüklükte olması, eğim açısından uygun olması ve alana kolay ulaşıla bilinmesi bu alanın seçilmesinde önemli rol oynayan özelliklerdir.

The area number 3 is left as open green area to use for the festival activities done every summer in Akureyri. The properties affecting this choise are: being near to the shore, big enough for the festival activities, having suitable slope, being reachable.


In the area number 30 the culture house project choisen in the compitition is carried to the area with all the properties and ıt’s considered to be built a 154-vehicle carpark which will supply the capasity of the area by starting from the architecture lines of the area.


It’ s found suitable to construct a 315-vehicle carpark which will serve the shopping mal in the area number 25 near the main car road.


It’s thought to invert the old textile factory to textile and machine museum in the area number 26. And also by thinking to reach the area, an area for a 200-vehicle open carpark is left.


It’s found suitable to construct 2 football fields, 3 basketball and volleyball fields and 2 tennis courts and their service units and 56-vehicle carpark near the football field in the area number 23. ıt’s offered that a small ski path which serves winter and summer utilities and the small competitions in the town on the football field. In choosing this area the suitable slope situation for skiing utility and accessibility possibilities.

In general planting it’s paid attention on choosing the speices from the native vegetation and supporting the utilities with plants.

Location : Akureyri, Iceland

Years : 2005

Project Type : Masterplan

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Services Provided : Concept Design Services, Schematic Design Services