Turkish Cycling Federation Logo Design

The crescent on the Turkish flag represents the racing / cyclist in motion. The star represents the heart of the cyclist. With the use of the crescent and star to express the cyclist, the feeling of belonging to the Turkish Nation is given in the most concise and powerful way. The bicycle is expressed in its most concise form with two circles. By moving the star closer to the inside of the crescent compared to its place on the flag, the following was obtained:

  • The feel of a racing bike accelerating is given.

  • The crescent embraces the star, putting it in the heart and feelings of love are expressed.

By placing the word Turkey behind the crescent, it is stated that the country is behind the cyclists and supports them. It was stated that the foundations were laid in 1923 with the writing of 1923 placed to form a ground, and that cyclists traveled on these foundations. The border of the logo is defined by the Turkish Cycling Federation text surrounding the cyclist in Turkish and English.

Location: Turkey

Year: 2018

Project Type: Logo design